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Diagnose sleep apnea – order a home sleep study test kit – Delivered in 48 hours

When you wish to get your Sleep Apnea tested right from the comfort of your home, this easy to use Sleep Test Kit can come to your rescue.

Easy, most economical, and fastest way to to test yourself, this kit doesn’t visit any doctor or undergo an insurance process

Your sleep test kit arrives at your doorstep within 2 working days. So, you can get your tests results within 7 days!

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    7 Easy steps to get a home sleep study test 

    Step 1: Buy your Home Sleep Test Kit L

    Step 2: You receive the Home Sleep Test Kit in 2 days

    Step 3: Get your sleep tested at home one night

    Step 4: If not satisfied, return the kit with the pre-paid return label

    Step 5: Your test is uploaded on our system

    Step 6: Your test is reviewed by a Board Certified Doctor

    Step 7: You receive your sleep test report

    Sleep Test Drivers Ohio

    Meets DOT/CDL Test Requirements

    Take the sleep test at home without any doctor’s appointment

    Many truck drivers, boat captains and pilots find it easy to test themselves at the comfort of their schedule only within a week.

    The results are verified by the doctors, so you do not need any further assistance.

    Here are the top benefits

    • Fast and Easy
    • Perform at home
    • Certified by Board Certified Sleep Doctors
    • Perfect results
    • Useful for CDL/DOT Health Card
    • Great offer on CPAP Packages

    Get your CDL or DOT Sleep Apnea Test, today!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Sleep Apnea and Sleep Study

    What is meant by a Sleep Study?

    It is a study of the sleep of a person by recording the brain waves, the blood, the oxygen levels in the blood, heart rate, eye, leg movements and breathing to find out if they are experiencing any sleep disorder such as sleep apnea that may be preventing them to have a healthy lifestyle.

    How does a Home Sleep Study work?

    It has been observed that asking people to visit a sleep study lab and stay overnight for a sleep study was not effective as many people including those not suffering from sleep apnea could not sleep well at night in a lab. Hence the Home Sleep Study was brought in with the new technology which is useful to do a sleep study at the comfort of their own bed at home.

    How does a Home Sleep Test work?

    During a home sleep test, you have to wear a device at night on your chest, nasal cannula and finger probe which enables the device to record your breathing style, chest effort, oxygen levels, heart rate, and body position which is compiled by a doctor for sleep apnea patients.

    What is the cost of a Home Sleep Test Kit?

    The cost of a Home Sleep Test Kit is only $195 which includes two-way shipping but does not include insurance.

    Is it important for me to get a prescription to have this home sleep test?

    No, taking a home sleep test does not require you to have any prescription

    Is this test going to work with my DOT Health Card?

    You can use this test for the DOT Health Card if you are prescribed by the doctor for a CPAP machine after diagnosing you with Sleep Apna. You may need to perform the test required by the DOT clinic as per the doctor’s recommendation.

    What do I do if I require a CPAP Machine?

    In case your doctor has recommended you a Sleep Apnea treatment via a CPAP therapy, we have a great offer on the CPAP package with great prices that will benefit you. You will also have compliance monitoring as a complimentary service with the CPAP you purchase which you can use to report your usage to your DOT clinic.

    What is meant by Compliance on CPAP?

    The compliance standards can be different for each DOT clinic as well as for each company policy. But as per the standards, you should not use the CPAP for more than 4 hours per day and not more than 70% of the days. To know more about the CPAP compliance in detail, please click here.

    What is the price of a CPAP machine?

    The price of a CPAP machine can vary. However, whichever CPAP machine you use, ensure that it provides you a long-term compliance. There are packages with us that start with $695 including everything and the compliance reporting as well. Find out more about various CPAP packages here.

    What is the duration of a sleep test?

    The sleep test is meant to be for one night and it should be done for a minimum 4 hours. However, if you see a red light and the test is incomplete, you can redo it the next night.

    What does a sleep study diagnose?

    The Sleep studies can diagnose many sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder. It can also reveal if you sleepwalk or have a REM sleep behavior disorder.

    What do I do if I am not able to sleep during the sleep study?

    If you are not able to sleep during the test, you can try it the next night. If you still cannot, then you may have insomnia and this will be diagnosed by our test.

    Where should I ideally undertake the sleep test?

    It is easy to perform the sleep test whether you are at home, in a cab or outside your home. There is not needed to take time off for taking it. The sleep test is performed wherever you sleep.

    How much time will it take for me to get the results of my sleep study test?

    After we get the test from you, we will generally have the results within 1-2 business days.