8 Tricks to follow this Thanksgiving to avoid a Holiday Insomnia

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With Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaching, it’s possible you may cram yourself with holiday shopping, cheer, and cooking. With the daily and regular activities, it can all make you lose your sleep. Here are 8 tricks that you can follow and avoid holiday insomnia.

1. Plan the holiday activities in advance

2. Prepare a checklist and learn to delegate and work with family members. It can be quite fun as well!

3. Try to maintain your sleep time and eating time same and avoid changing your bio clock.

4. Take time out to exercise and try varied types which can interest you and keep your mood levels high.

5. Avoid having snacks and heavy meals near to bed time

6. Do not indulge in too much alcohol

7. Near to bedtime avoid watching T.V. Instead spend more time with kids playing some games

8. Take a warm bath and have a calming tea before sleeping