Have you got your perfect day planned for Christmas?

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Holidays, as it may seem, are not always relaxing, instead, they are full of hectic activities, schedules, and social obligations which can lead us to feel stressed, tired, and sleep-deprived.

Many times, on Christmas day we end up being zombies and just wait for it all to be over. Would you rather plan this Christmas day and holiday season a bit better so that you can enjoy the fun and create events that are memorable as well as enjoy plenty of rest and sleep?

Get a Kick Start to the Morning!

Although Christmas day can be quite exciting with the kids around and their excitement on opening the gifts, you may want to sleep in early the previous night, so you have completed your 7-8 hours of good night rest.

If you however do not have kids, then you can take it a bit easy to wake up and let those tired bones relax. But also, be careful do not get up at noon to let your sleep schedule change drastically either. Get up and have your dose of caffeine if you feel like and get ready for some sunshine. Enjoy the day and treat yourself to some healthy breakfast while savoring the moment with your loved ones.

Plan the Christmas Meal Well

You can also plan an afternoon with your family and friends over a Christmas meal. If you are inviting them over to your home, try to keep most of the feast ready a day before and just prep up the chicken or turkey on that day to have a fresh serve. Try to see if you can ask others to bring in their favorite dishes to save some time and anxiety. Worrying over the best recipe and a great meal for everyone can be quite stressful and unhealthy to sleep the night before.

After the heavy meal you may feel like having a sip of coffee but avoiding it and going for a brisk walk may be a better idea to shake off the sleepy feeling. It will also help you have a better sleep at night.

Chill out in the Evening

After a great day with friends and family, the tiredness of the holidays seems to start lifting towards the evening. As you can now feel that the preparation, the event of Christmas is all over now, the joy and the fun is all passe, and your body starts to feel the need for a good rest.

Take this time to look back on the positive moments of the holidays, just lean back, relax with a movie, or a book, or just have fun with family at home.

You can also dim out the house lights and let your Christmas tree lights be on. This will let you know that the nighttime is approaching, and you get a cozy feeling of falling asleep. You deserve this well-earned sleep after Christmas!

However, if you feel like hitting the bed earlier aim to go for not more than half an hour before your daily bedtime else you may risk disrupting the regular sleep schedule.

You can also choose to take a hot shower and listening to your favorite music before calling it a day!