Lifestyle plays a vital role in sleep. It is important to have a normal sleep span by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not overdoing anything. Currently, about 40-50% of people have insomnia and other sleep disorders, and these figures are increasing day by day. #1. Sleep and food: In today’s lifestyle, adding all nutrients to one’s diet is impossible. That’s why people of the modern age mostly suffer from sleep disorders. Eating plenty of fiber-rich
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Did you know that your hormones are responsible for many changes which take place in our bodies? Our hormones are enablers for our growth, reproduction, regulating our appetite and managing our sleep. Hence, you may not really find it much surprising that different hormones may be affecting your sleep patterns in many ways. Let us look at 6 key hormones and what kind of influence they could be having on your sleep patterns. We will
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Have you been to a sleep specialist and found out that you need to undergo a sleep apnea test? If yes, and you are keen to go for an HSAT (Home Sleep Apnea Test), you may have some queries on how to take the test and what kind of results can you expect. We asked the board-certified sleep specialists and they have answered the frequently asked questions on HSAT right here for you – Question
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If you are experiencing anxiety or stress due to some reason, be it work, family, or just pandemic and want to know how to sleep well in these times, read on… How does sleep work? Let us first understand how sleep helps us. As a part of the animal kingdom, we are always on our guard to always protect ourselves and hence vigilant to our surroundings. Hence, our brains are always working and constantly evolving
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Holidays, as it may seem, are not always relaxing, instead, they are full of hectic activities, schedules, and social obligations which can lead us to feel stressed, tired, and sleep-deprived. Many times, on Christmas day we end up being zombies and just wait for it all to be over. Would you rather plan this Christmas day and holiday season a bit better so that you can enjoy the fun and create events that are memorable